You want better feet without fancy foot stretchers
and need a plan to follow?

Better Feet in 15 breaks down the exercises that you can be doing on a daily basis to strengthen your feet and increase your flexibility.

Better Feet in 15 - Only 15 minutes a day to better feet!
In this mini course I will take you through the 3 pillars of achieving your best pointe :

You don't need to spend hours working on your feet!

Only 15 minutes a day of focused, intentional work and you will notice
 change in the shape and ability of your feet!

- Gain the mobility, stability and alignment needed to support your goals through these simple yet powerful exercises.
- Achieving your ideal foot point doesn't need to be complicated or aggressive!
- As you commit to intentional, consistent attention you will begin to notice your feet responding and changing to support you.

"I started the foot course because I was lazy but wanted to exercise.
 Little did I know, it’s done wonders for stronger feet, including reducing pain from tarsal tunnel, dealing with sore feet after ballet, and giving me easy-to-remember exercises to do anytime I have moments to spare!

Ballet Student

Course Curriculum

Are you ready to get started?

Better Feet in

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Elizabeth Sterling

By the way, hi! My name is Elizabeth and I am an IACT Certified Hypnotist and Peak Performance Coach based out of Denver, CO who uses a combination of hypnosis, journaling, NLP, EFT and coaching that creates powerful changes for my clients. 

As a ballet coach and former professional dancer I am exceptionally thrilled to be bringing these tools into the dance world because I know, first-hand, just how life-changing these tools can be within the dance community. 

I love empowering people and am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity each day in presenting these amazing resources into the lives of those who need it most so they can overcome the obstacles and roadblocks that are holding them back.

You can achieve your dreams without sacrificing your body or your mental health. Let me show you how!


 Ballet Student

Elizabeth has provided such a great resource! I just watched the beginner foot position video and it was great! I can't wait to be practicing on my own now.